Vacation Rentals in Santa Cruz

Vacation rentals have been a hot topic in Santa Cruz as of late. Earlier this year the County adopted a cap on the number of homes that could be rented out as vacation rentals in specific locations. One of these locations was Seacliff in Aptos, and the issue became bitterly divisive amongst property owners in […]

Funding Affordable Housing in Santa Cruz

Funding Affordable Housing in Santa Cruz

Last week the Santa Cruz City Council weighed in on the draft Housing Element for the City, a section of the General Plan that outlines how the City hopes to meet the Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) over the next seven years. The RHNA numbers are the projected total number of units that will need […]

Should Congress Approve The Iran Nuclear Deal?

Man, a lot of talk about Iran lately, huh? But just what exactly is going on right now? Let’s see if I can break it down for ya – Last week Secretary of State John Kerry, along with representatives from five other nations (Germany, France, Britain, Russia, and China), emerged from negotiations with Iran with […]

Uber Versus The World: Should Drivers Be Official Employees?

Uber recently celebrated its 5th anniversary. The start-up that connects drivers with passengers like a taxi service has certainly disrupted the existing order, and has reaped enviable profits in the process. The company recently took on a $1.4 billion growth investment, and has been valued at $50,000,000,000.00. (That’s $50 billion in case you didn’t want […]

Opinion: Increasing California Oil and Gas Taxes Would Be a Good Idea

Last week’s Santa Barbara oil spill dumped approximately 100,000 gallons of oil onto the pristine California coastline. Compared to Santa Barbara’s 1969 oil spill, when a damaged oil rig leaked 3,300,000 gallons, the latest spill seems relatively small. However, it highlights the fact that spills happen and will keep happening as long as we have […]

Jerry Brown’s Budget: What You Need to Know

Governor Jerry Brown released his revised budget proposal last week, presenting a $115.3 billion spending plan, up from the original $113 billion plan he presented in January. The budget reflects an unexpected increase in state revenue since the start of the year – $3 billion, to be exact. The state budget is, of course, an […]

Do We Need A Local Minimum Wage?

Last week the Santa Cruz City Council commissioned a study on how a local minimum wage would impact our economy. Two days later, UCSC Professor Steve McKay led a presentation at the Museum of Art and History detailing the results of his study on low wage workers in Santa Cruz County. Taken together, these two events […]

Tackling Inequality In The Bay Area

  By most any metric the Bay Area’s economy is booming. The region has one of the fastest growing job markets in the country and average wages in the Bay Area are among the highest in the nation. The region is generally perceived to be at the center of the radically innovative and lucrative tech […]