Solving the Santa Cruz Water Crisis

It took 18 months of meetings. 18 months of studying, touring facilities, evaluating citizen submitted proposals, hearing from organizations, engineers, scientists, and pollsters, yet last Friday the Santa Cruz Water Supply Advisory Committee voted unanimously, as per their consensus based charter, to pass on a portfolio recommendation to the Santa Cruz City Council for addressing […]

Can Affordable Housing and New Subways Ease San Francisco’s Growing Pains?

Being on the cutting edge of the technology industry, along with being just a gorgeous place to live, has lead to flocks of new residents migrating into the city . According to Plan Bay Area, the city is growing at a pace of approximately 10,000 new residents per year. By 2040, this amounts to an additional […]

Should the Homeless be Kicked Out of SF’s Embarcadero?

  I would guess that San Francisco mayor Ed Lee probably didn’t sleep much the night before he made this announcement: “They are going to have to leave.” This was directed to the city’s homeless population that have settled in the Embarcadero area. The reason for kicking them out? The Embarcadero, and specifically Justin Herman […]

A Little Less Direct Democracy: Raising the Fee to File an Initiative

  As residents of California, one election day tradition we all get to look forward to is voting on at least a couple ballot initiatives. Ballot initiatives are where we, the citizens, decide on specific policies the state should adopt. Known as direct democracy, the practice is meant to empower average people to propose and […]

Can Congress Fix the Drought?

It’s a saying you’ve probably heard quite a few times now amidst the coverage of California’s drought, but it’s worth reiterating – whisky’s for drinking, water’s for fighting. My guess is our elected representatives will probably appreciate a cocktail by the time Congress decides on a drought relief bill for the state. There are currently […]

The Santa Cruz County Housing Element

Last week marked the first public hearings on the County’s draft Housing Element, an important planning document that outlines how the County expects to accommodate future population growth in terms of additional housing. Under state law, every city and county must prepare a housing element, which is technically a specific part of each local government’s […]

Vote: Should SF limit Airbnb rentals to 60 days per year or 120?

The debate over short term rentals in San Francisco comes to a head this Tuesday, the 14th, when the San Francisco Board of Supervisors will decide on two amendments to the city’s largely toothless Airbnb law. The hardline supervisor David Campos wants the board to limit the number of days a homeowner can rent out […]

With the Death of Kate Steinle, SF’s Sanctuary Laws Come Under Fire

Under the most unfortunate of circumstances, San Francisco has been thrust into the national spotlight. On Wednesday last week, Kathryn Steinle was walking with her father along Pier 14, a popular tourism destination for its views of the bay, when she was struck by a stray bullet. She was rushed to the hospital but died […]

Bill Monning Recall, Proposition 13 Reform, And Voter Expansion Initiatives

  This past week saw a lot of activity in California state politics. Today we bring you three of the biggest issues for you to learn about and cast your vote on: Recall Bill Monning State Senator Bill Monning (D – Carmel) was served last week with a notice of intent to recall him from […]

San Francisco Tackles the Soda Industry (Again)

    One of the hottest topics in the Bay Area over the last several months has been new regulations and taxes on the soda industry. Once perceived as invincible to electoral defeat, last November Berkeley residents overwhelmingly voted in a new tax on sugar sweetened beverages, namely soda. San Francisco failed to approve a […]