Going Out With a Bang: Three Big Issues to Close the California Legislative Year

This week marks the return of our elected officials to Sacramento for a four week sprint through some of the most important issues currently facing the state. Will they be able to pull it off? Read below to learn about what’s facing our legislators. First up: the state’s crumbling transportation infrastructure. As you may have noticed while […]

A Little Less Direct Democracy: Raising the Fee to File an Initiative

  As residents of California, one election day tradition we all get to look forward to is voting on at least a couple ballot initiatives. Ballot initiatives are where we, the citizens, decide on specific policies the state should adopt. Known as direct democracy, the practice is meant to empower average people to propose and […]

More Regulation for Uber?

It appears that the ride sharing taxi application, Uber, is once again facing regulatory hurdles, this time from the biggest regulatory agency in the State – the California Public Utilities Commission. Normally this agency is better known for rules governing our water rates and power supply, but in the case of Uber it comes down something a […]

Could Innovation Change Pompous SoCal Water Wasters into Water Producers?

Could Innovation Change Pompous SoCal Water Wasters into Water Producers?

It doesn’t take more than three minutes of being in Los Angeles to realize that Southern California is about luxury. There’s the cars, the billboards, the premium shopping experiences, and of course, the water. It’s green and lush all over the place, and it feels niiiiice. The warm breeze blowing through the urban oasis, picking up […]

Should Union Employees be Exempt Under Minimum Wage Requirements?

There has been a lot of talk about the minimum wage lately, both nationally and locally. And now with Los Angeles joining the likes of Seattle, San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, and Richmond in pursuing a $15.00/hour floor, the debate is beginning to narrow down to specifics. Foremost of these concerns is whether or not union […]

Opinion: Increasing California Oil and Gas Taxes Would Be a Good Idea

Last week’s Santa Barbara oil spill dumped approximately 100,000 gallons of oil onto the pristine California coastline. Compared to Santa Barbara’s 1969 oil spill, when a damaged oil rig leaked 3,300,000 gallons, the latest spill seems relatively small. However, it highlights the fact that spills happen and will keep happening as long as we have […]

Jerry Brown’s Budget: What You Need to Know

Governor Jerry Brown released his revised budget proposal last week, presenting a $115.3 billion spending plan, up from the original $113 billion plan he presented in January. The budget reflects an unexpected increase in state revenue since the start of the year – $3 billion, to be exact. The state budget is, of course, an […]

Regulating Airbnb and Other Shared Rentals

Regulating Airbnb and Other Shared Rentals

San Francisco is on the cusp of adopting a series of new laws aimed at curtailing the use of short term rental web sites like Air Bnb. These sites allow residents to host guests at their property on a short term basis in exchange for money, much like a traditional bed and breakfast. Hosts and […]

The Bay Area’s Dog Debate

  Bay Area dog enthusiasts are up in arms (paws?) over a plan that would greatly reduce the number of sites in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area where their pets could roam leash free. The National Park Service is set to issue draft rules in the Spring that would allow dogs to be off […]

The Future of Housing in California

The Future of Housing in California

On March 17 the Legislative Analyst’s Office of California, the non-partisan state research agency, released a comprehensive report on the high cost of housing in the State. The report documents a 40-year trend in which the costs of housing within California rose at near four times the national average, and highlights the impact that local “no growth” […]