No More Development in the Mission?

The Bay Area is still in the midst of a Housing Crisis. This is a topic that we have covered extensively on this blog, with many articles being written about potential new development policies, on new state policies, on homelessness, and other potential reforms. However, there is one measure that recently qualified for the San […]

Little Brisbane in a Booming Bay

The little town of Brisbane, a city of some 4,000 people just south of San Francisco, is in the midst of a major decision. The tiny city, the majority of which was built on artificial land dumped into the bay after the 1906 earthquake, is considering one of the largest development projects in the history of […]

Dealing with Gotcha Evictions in SF

As the housing crisis in San Francisco continues largely unabated so do many of the horror stories of tenants being evicted. We have covered this issue before when discussing the spike in Ellis Act evictions last year, which is a California law that allows property owners to forcibly evict tenets, even in a rent controlled property, […]

Local and Congressional Action in the Wake of Kate Steinle’s Death

It has now been almost a month since 32 year old Kathryn Steinle was shot and killed as she walked along San Francisco’s Pier 14. To recap the series of events, quickly following the shooting authorities arrested and charged Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, an undocumented immigrant with multiple drug related felonies to his name, as well […]

Airbnbs in SF: The Saga Moves to the Ballot

Airbnbs in SF: The Saga Moves to the Ballot

Things have been heating up in San Francisco with regards to short term rentals. Part of the new “sharing economy,” sites like Airbnb and Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO) have been in use for years now and have allowed residents to rent out either a room or an entire unit to short term renters (usually […]

Uber Versus The World: Should Drivers Be Official Employees?

Uber recently celebrated its 5th anniversary. The start-up that connects drivers with passengers like a taxi service has certainly disrupted the existing order, and has reaped enviable profits in the process. The company recently took on a $1.4 billion growth investment, and has been valued at $50,000,000,000.00. (That’s $50 billion in case you didn’t want […]

San Francisco Takes Aim at Airbnb

Throughout the San Francisco housing debate, home sharing services like Airbnb have become a lightning rod for controversy. These companies allow homeowners to easily rent out individual rooms, or their entire house, to short term guests (oftentimes vacationers). By providing online platforms that are quite easy to use, firms like Airbnb have facilitated an explosion of home sharing in the city. Critics argue that this […]

Three Proposals to Fix San Francisco’s Housing Problem

  “A lot of other places wish they had the problems San Francisco has.” By now I’ve heard this statement in one form or another from a number of people. And it’s easy to see what they mean: San Francisco has one of the strongest metropolitan economies in the country. Located a stone’s throw from […]

Should Rent Control be Adopted in San Jose?

As Bay Area housing prices and rents continue to soar, many of the region’s cities are experimenting with new policies aimed at curbing the high cost of living. One such policy is rent control, that is artificially controlling the market price of certain rental units so that their landlords are limited by what they can charge. […]

Tackling Inequality In The Bay Area

  By most any metric the Bay Area’s economy is booming. The region has one of the fastest growing job markets in the country and average wages in the Bay Area are among the highest in the nation. The region is generally perceived to be at the center of the radically innovative and lucrative tech […]