With the Death of Kate Steinle, SF’s Sanctuary Laws Come Under Fire

Under the most unfortunate of circumstances, San Francisco has been thrust into the national spotlight. On Wednesday last week, Kathryn Steinle was walking with her father along Pier 14, a popular tourism destination for its views of the bay, when she was struck by a stray bullet. She was rushed to the hospital but died […]

A Salute To Pride

A Salute To Pride

Pride this year was special. The annual celebration in San Francisco is one of the city’s most joyous, colorful, delightfully cringe inducing, and important events of the year. Every year thousands upon thousands of revelers descend on the city of Harvey Milk and countless other gay rights pioneers to celebrate their legacy. But with the […]

Uber Versus The World: Should Drivers Be Official Employees?

Uber recently celebrated its 5th anniversary. The start-up that connects drivers with passengers like a taxi service has certainly disrupted the existing order, and has reaped enviable profits in the process. The company recently took on a $1.4 billion growth investment, and has been valued at $50,000,000,000.00. (That’s $50 billion in case you didn’t want […]

Bill Monning Recall, Proposition 13 Reform, And Voter Expansion Initiatives

  This past week saw a lot of activity in California state politics. Today we bring you three of the biggest issues for you to learn about and cast your vote on: Recall Bill Monning State Senator Bill Monning (D – Carmel) was served last week with a notice of intent to recall him from […]

Oakland and the First Amendment

  Oakland is a city with a long history of militant activism. There was of course the Occupy Movement, which put the city in the national eye when demonstrators shut down the Port of Oakland. More recently there have been the many Black Lives Matter protests with mass marches through city streets, highway closures, and […]

San Francisco Tackles the Soda Industry (Again)

    One of the hottest topics in the Bay Area over the last several months has been new regulations and taxes on the soda industry. Once perceived as invincible to electoral defeat, last November Berkeley residents overwhelmingly voted in a new tax on sugar sweetened beverages, namely soda. San Francisco failed to approve a […]

San Francisco Takes Aim at Airbnb

Throughout the San Francisco housing debate, home sharing services like Airbnb have become a lightning rod for controversy. These companies allow homeowners to easily rent out individual rooms, or their entire house, to short term guests (oftentimes vacationers). By providing online platforms that are quite easy to use, firms like Airbnb have facilitated an explosion of home sharing in the city. Critics argue that this […]

Jerry Brown’s Budget: What You Need to Know

Governor Jerry Brown released his revised budget proposal last week, presenting a $115.3 billion spending plan, up from the original $113 billion plan he presented in January. The budget reflects an unexpected increase in state revenue since the start of the year – $3 billion, to be exact. The state budget is, of course, an […]

Three Proposals to Fix San Francisco’s Housing Problem

  “A lot of other places wish they had the problems San Francisco has.” By now I’ve heard this statement in one form or another from a number of people. And it’s easy to see what they mean: San Francisco has one of the strongest metropolitan economies in the country. Located a stone’s throw from […]