Cruz Cares and Social Entreprenuership

Social Good, Technology, and Community

Civinomics is about taking action and collaborating with others to solve our society’s social or environmental issues. Topics such as affordable housing, managing our water systems, reducing homelessness, and regional transportation are the most common conversations on the Civinomics blog. If these topics interested you, I encourage you to attend Cruz Cares, an event in which real solutions are presented and the viability and level of positive impact are discussed. By attending Cruz Cares, you are supporting The Inspiring Enterprise and it’s mission to create a thriving and vibrant community of social entrepreneurs in Santa Cruz and the Monterey Bay Region.

Cruz Cares 2016: Pitch Contest for Social Ventures

The 2nd Annual Cruz Cares is a pitch contest for non-profit and for profit startups focused on solving a social or environmental issue. Cruz Cares is hosted by the Santa Cruz New Tech MeetUp and The Inspiring Enterprise with the hopes of bringing together social good, technology, and community so that collaboration between industries is effortless and valuable.

Cruz Cares is on April 6th from 6:00-9:00pm at the Del Mar Theatre in Downtown Santa Cruz. To start the evening, a panel of speakers will discuss two informative topics: What is the overarching issue you are working to solve and how did you incorporate a new or novel approach to addressing that issue and what have you learned that you think everyone in the room should know regarding starting a social enterprise?

Social Good, Technology, Community (1)

Then 6 of the region’s top social entrepreneurs will pitch on-stage to a live audience and panel of judges for the chance to win cash and prizes. After a rigorous application and interview process, The Inspiring Enterprise selected the following startups to pitch:

  • Footprint Inn / Alicea Cock-Esteb: Providing environmentally sustainable, affordable and welcoming accommodations and immersive education and training for guests, enabling them to use sustainable living practices in their homes and communities.

  • Levered Learning / Mitchell Slater: Creating and distributing free, technology-enabled educational systems that empower teachers and meet the needs of the widest possible range of learners.

  • Assure Technologies / Kara Kyle: Delivering technology that provides social connection and support to older adults and their families, starting with an easy-to-use mobile app focused on a simple daily check-in.

  • Soliculture / Ingrid Anderson: Enabling sustainable practices in the agricultural industry by combining solar energy and agriculture with Soliculture’s energy-generating greenhouse.

  • 21 Day Kindness Challenge / Christy Tall: Empowering youth to change their world with kindness, reducing bullying in schools and increasing overall happiness and well-being.

  • HIVE / Gail McNulty: Cultivating collective impact and community with a cooperative prototyping zone and community workspace where young adults learn to network within a diverse, cross-generational group.

On Wednesday night you will hear from successful social entrepreneurs and emerging solutions to issues like childhood education, aging in place, agricultural sustainability, and sustainable living. Get ready to be inspired with hope for the future of Santa Cruz and the world.

Tickets are only $25. Buy now to support your local social entrepreneurs.

RSVP to attend at

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